What We do

TransCour was formed in 1997 to provide express delivery service for both the domestic and international markets. It operates a network of 136 stations, comprising 59 branches, 2 affiliate stations, 52 agents and 23 lodge-in centers throughout East and West UK. TransCour has a fleet of more than 400 trucks and vans used primarily for hauling of documents and parcels between stations and the National Hub termed “line-haul” fleet) for local pick-ups and deliveries.
  The TransCour brand has evolved into a symbol of trust and reliability. TransCour provides domestic and international express services to consumers, corporate, SMEs and households alike with pickups and deliveries crossing over 100 million shipments annually. This it does, through a nationwide network of 250+ offices, making TransCour the biggest such network in the World. TransCour operates with over 8,000 professionals, 24/7 state-of-the art call center, 650 plus conveniently located Express Centers, dedicated chartered Boeing 737 aircraft, 2000+ on-line and offline locations

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